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Year-Round Wild Boar Hunts with One of Florida’s Most Reputable Guided Hunt Outfitters

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Gator Raiderz, Hog HuntsOur thrilling hunts take place year-round throughout the south Florida region and will provide you with memories that last a lifetime. We offer hunts for all skill levels – experienced through beginner. From day time high-fence boar hunts with rifles and pistols to night time free-range wild boar hunts with a  cross-bow… our hunting expeditions are sure to be exciting and adventurous.

Why Hunt Boar?

Boar hunting and wild boar hunting is a great way to bond with family and is perfect for the beginner hunter or those who have never hunted before.  It offers just the right balance of challenge and success for a first-time hunter or those with limited hunting experience.  Captain Dave Smith will help you select the best method and place to hunt for your skill level. For experienced hunters, we offer a variety of hunting methods and terrain to challenge and excite you!

In addition to being a great hunting experience, boar hunting is a necessary measure to control the population of hogs and boars. The Southwest Florida Water Management District considers wild boar an invasive exotic species. Wild hogs and boars, which are not native to Florida, can cause damage with their broad snouts and can leave an area looking like a plowed field. They also prey on native wildlife and compete with native species for food.  Additionally, boar may facilitate the spread of exotic plant species by transporting seeds and/or providing germination sites through rooting.

Hunting Equipment

From traditional method weapons  to bow and rifle hunts by stalking and baiting, boar and wild boar hunting offers many exciting opportunities. The most popular method of boar hunting is at night using rifles. As a hunting outfitter, we provide the hunting equipment (crossbow, rifle, pistol) and transportation (truck, boat, airboat), for your boar hunt or wild boar  hunting expedition.

When to Hunt Boar

Wild boar hunting is great all year-round, but Winter provides the best weather for hunts in Florida, most notably November through April. The temperature is mild day and night, there are fewer biting insects and there is minimal rain. Wild boar hunting is allowed during most seasons, except spring turkey season. A hunting license typically is not required; however, a quota or daily quota permit may be required. Captain Dave Smith can help answer your permitting questions.

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Hunt prices start at $300.00

If you’re interested in taking it up a notch, do a combo hunt and take a guided gator hunt right after your boar!

Gator Raiderz, Hog Hunts


Boar and Wild Hog Hunts

Experience the excitement of wild boar and hog hunting in the picturesque landscapes of Florida. Gator Raiderz offers hog hunts that will challenge your hunting skills and provide an exhilarating adventure in pursuit of these elusive animals.

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