Join Florida’s Elite Bowfishing Outfitter, Gator Raiders of Southwest Florida

Unleash Your Inner Archer: Exciting Bowfishing Expeditions in Florida’s Waterways with Gator Raider

Let’s Put A Big Twist On Your Fishing Trip We do our bowfishing off of airboats.

With no underwater exhaust or propeller, an airboat doesn’t alarm the fish until we’re already close enough to shoot them. We’ll glide down the rivers and across the flats slow and easy so you can sneak up on the big ones! Captain Dave Smith is native to southwest Florida and has been fishing the surrounding waters since he could walk. His knowledge and experience will ensure you have a super successful bowfishing trip.

We have two airboats with brand new sodium lights and generators to provide you a clear view of the water so you can get a perfect shot. Our trips are all inclusive. We provide high quality recurve and compound bows with reels on them and we’ll even show you how to use them! Call us for more information on our bowfishing adventures. Our saltwater bowfishing includes sheephead, flounder, mullet, black drum, sand brim and stingrays. Cost: $400.00 for 2 hour trip up to 4 people or $600.00 for 4 hour trip up to 4 people. Freshwater trips include tilapia, gar, mudfish and catfish. Cost: $400.00 for 2 hour trip up to 4 people or $600.00 for 4 hour trip up to 4 people.

Bowfishing Expeditions

Test your archery skills while enjoying the beauty of Florida's waterways. Gator Raiderz offers bowfishing trips that combine the thrill of fishing with the precision of archery. Target species such as gar, tilapia, and catfish as you explore the abundant aquatic habitats.

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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled bowfishing experience like no other in the waters of Southwest Florida.